Monday, September 24, 2012


Small Biz Buzz is designed to help small businesses create buzz around their business with social media marketing. Small Biz Buzz, executes and devours the innovative, ever-changing online marketing world. No matter if you get 100 hits a day or aim to interact with thousands, we have the know-how to take your small business to the next level and help you achieve your online marketing goals. We conceptualize and develop original premiums that capture the unique feel and message of your brand so that targeted consumers are interacting with you long after the event has ended.

How can We help you?
  • In need of Social Media Management?
  • Viral Marketing?
  • Are you looking for more visibility, credibility and profit-ability?
  • Do you want to make your online presence much more compelling?
  • Would you like a step-by-step strategy to create a memorable brand that attracts more cash and clients?
  • Are you ready to go from broke and unknown to rich and famous?  Why not!
Company Branding

Event Promotions 

Meeting & Event Videos 
Shoot me an email ( and let’s talk about how we can help you brand your way to big bucks!

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